M.L. Campbell is the leading manufacturer of wood coatings for cabinetmakers, millwork, and casework wood shops, architectural designers, and other professional woodworkers. From their clear topcoats, wood stains, dyes, sealers, primers, undercoats, and wood glazes: DSI distributes them all.

Clear Topcoats / Sealers

  • – MagnaMax ®
  • – High Performance (HP)
  • – DesignRselect ®
  • – KlearVar®
  • – Krystal®
  • – EnviroVarTM
  • + More

Pigment Topcoat / Primers

  • – MagnaMax ®
  • – High Performance (HP)
  • – MagnaClaw TM
  • – Resistant
  • – Stealth®
  • – TurinoTM
  • + More

Solvents / Reducers / Catalysts

  • – Thinner
  • – Care Reducer
  • – Care Catalysts
  • – Flow Enhancer
  • – Retarder
  • + More

Stains / Dyes / Glazes

  • – Designer Series
  • – Amazing Stain & Glaze
  • – Woodsong® II


  • – Agualente®
  • – ARROYO®


  • – CODATM

not just a product,
but a partnership

Shouldn’t your shop use M.L. Campbell wood finish systems for finishing furniture, cabinets and as surfaces finish? M.L. Campbell is the leading manufacturer of wood coatings for cabinetmakers, millwork casework wood shops, Institutional Case Goods, architectural designers and other professional woodworkers. Wood finishing professionals love M.L. Campbell’s clear topcoats, pigmented topcoats, wood stains, dyes, sealers, primers undercoats and wood glazes. DSI distributes all of these items.

But, with DSI and M.L. Campbell, you don’t just get product, you get a partner. As an expert M.L. Campbell distributor, DSI has a team of experienced wood finish specialists that will come to your shop and show your crew the best ways to apply all of M.L. Campbell’s wood finishes. And, they are always available to answer any technical question you may have. Plus, DSI hosts training events called Spray Days. You can send your wood finishers to these informational classes and they will learn the latest techniques and product features from wood coating experts.

Need a custom color or want to match a stain? Each of DSI’s eight locations has an experienced color specialist and a tint room on site. With a color sample you provide, they use computer technology to match your hues exactly. And, for shops that require OCS Ohio Certified Stains, DSI is a certified OCS supplier.

Contact a DSI sales representative at 800-745-1778 to inquire about custom color and stain matching, in-house lamination and speedy delivery times.