Thermally Fused Laminates
For Interior Design

Make a statement with Prism TFL exclusive surface designs,
authentic textures, brilliant whites and more…

Arauco PRISM TFL is an extensive line of thermally fused laminate designs ideal for vertical applications or low impact horizontal uses. The thermally fused laminate feature authentic textures and realistic woodgrains, along with rich solids and neutrals.

Architects and interior designers find that the modern melamine composite panels are great to specify for cabinets and other casework for assisted living homes, multi-family housing, also health care facilities and much more.

Thanks to their consistent product characteristics, TFL is excellent alternative for a wide range of applications such as commercial and residential furniture, interior design projects, cabinetry, closets and other uses.

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Achieve a wood-veneer look using value engineering

Thanks to the varieties of TFL textures, designers can get the appearance of decorative hardwood plywood for less than the cost of HPL mounted on a substrate. PRISM delivers value for retail outlets that change their interior design appearance on a frequent basis. because it is value-priced compared to actual decorative plywood, thermally fused laminate melamine is excellent for interior design value engineering.

Because Arauco PRISM has an HPL symmetry program, the same patterns can also be utilized for countertops, reception desks and other horizontal applications. The high pressure laminate Arauco PRISM patterns also allow for shaping and bending. The symmetry program also ensures that all TFL patterns and colors have edgebanding available.


Prism TFL panels are produced in six distinct textures to enhance your design selection.

Warm super-smooth, matte finish.


A random linear finish providers geniuinesses to wood decors.


A contemporary oak design with dual low gloss technology.


Tactical, striated, deep rich woodgrain.


A functional non-directional textured finish suitable for all applications.


A wide linear finish with a varying Matte/Gloss effect suitable for woodgrains.

TFL Melamine (Thermally Fused Laminate)

Design with Purpose: ARAUCO Prism® TFL empowers your vision with a diverse array of thermally fused laminate décors, boasting authentic textures, lifelike woodgrains, and a palette of rich solids and neutrals. Thermally fused melamine is an affordable option for projects that call for high pressure laminate in vertical or low-wear areas.

Thermally fused melamine is manufactured with a melamine impregnated paper that is fused to a particleboard or MDF substrate with extreme heat.

This dynamic decorative surface brand addresses design, performance, budget, and sustainability concerns with a singular solution. By selecting Prism TFL, you instill focus, functionality, creativity, and equilibrium, aligning with your clients’ aspirations for project success.
Dive into the expansive collection, curated for both commercial and residential applications, and discover complementary offerings from this renowned manufacturer.

Arauco Prism and what is stocked?

White/Black stocked sized and thicknesses

Special order and sizes/minimums
Feature matching edgeband options, etc

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