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DSI is an authorized Pionite HPL High Pressure Laminate distributor to wood shops and fabricators in DSI Columbus, OH and DSI Indianapolis, IN.

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Nevamar Laminate LogoDSI is the easiest way to browse Pionite HPL Solid Color Swatches Online. you can also view Pionite Woodgrains, Abstract Patterns, Pionite Stone & Granite And Pionite Panolam Finishes. We are the area's only officially authorized Pionite supplier in regions that include Columbus and Western Ohio, Indianapolis and most of the State of Indiana south of Fort Wayne. DSI warehouses a large inventory of Pionite HPL laminate, meaning we can delivery a huge selection of commodity colors, solid colors quickly to your shop.

Pionite Brand High Pressure Laminate (HPL) products are manufactured under extreme pressure to deliver a decorative surface that is strong and durable, yet flexible and easy to fabricate. Pionite HPL from Panolam is among the most versatile surfaces, making it a great choice for a range of interior horizontal and vertical applications where an attractive, yet resilient, surface solution is required.

Pionite FRL® Fiber Reinforced Laminate uses patented fiberglass technology to fortify wall panels against impact damage and excessive wear-and-tear. Given long-lasting durability, along with its unrivaled ease of application and job-site workability, FRL® is the ideal wall panel for high-traffic environments that need to be aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain.

Pionite ThruColor™ high pressure laminate (HPL) may be used in any application where a solid color edge is desired. ThruColor™ HPL is intended for use in applications where the edge of the laminate contributes to the aesthetics of the final product.

Pionite ThickLam™ thick phenolic is designed for applications where the decorative surface must contribute to the structural stability of the finished assembly. It is available with decorative paper on one or both sides.

• Desktops, tabletops
• Countertops
• Retail fixtures
• Curved decorative wall panels
• Wall cladding, Feature walls
• Doors
• Cabinets & vanities
• Casework

Let DSI's In-house Lamination Production line Work For You

Once you select the best Pionite laminate for your project, why not let Distributor Service Inc. apply your Pionite HPL laminate? DSI uses a state-of-the-art production line that does beautiful work laminating Pionite, Nevamar, wood veneers, paper backing and wood-on-wood. Not only is do-it-yourself panel lamination with contact adhesive time consuming and expensive, you may be disappointed with the results. Contact a DSI sales representative for more information.

We are the region's only officially authorized Pionite Panolam Laminate dealer. Contact a DSI sales representative at 800-745-1778 to buy Pionite Panolam High Pressure Laminate (HPL) in Columbus, Ohio and Indianapolis, IN.

DSI Pionite Laminate Product Options

DSI Pionite Laminates
DSI Pionite Solid Color Swatches

Pionite HPL solids come in 50 different varieties of commodity and bright, vibrant colors of high pressure laminate.

Pionite Solid Colors
DSI Nevamar HPL
DSI Pionite Woodgrain Patterns

Pionite has a large selection of wood grain patterns that are available in a variety of natural and abstract finishes.

Pionite Woodgrains
Nevamar FRL
DSI Pionite Abstract Patterns

Pionite Brand's abstract patterns include metal and other trendy designs.

Pionite Abstract Patterns
Nevamar Modern Odyssey
Pionite Stone & Granite HPL

Pionite Brand's stone and granite patterns feature a rich mixture of classic granite patterns and trending stone face surfaces.

Pionite Stone & Granite HPL

Nevamar Modern Odyssey
DSI Panolam Lifestyle Collection

Featuring Evolution and Natural Stone finishes which mimic the characteristics of natural stone, you can create a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere while expressing individuality.

Lifestyle Collection

Nevamar thick phenolic
Panolam Basics Sale

Nevamar thick phenolic
Nevamar & Pionite Finish Textures

Nevamar and Pionite offer multiple texture finishes that will enrich and enhance your design. More choices mean more solutions. You can find exactly what you need discover solutions you never imagined.

Nevamar & Pionite Finishes

Knot Quite Menswear
Knot Quite Menswear

Pionite HPL's Knot Quite Menswear™ is a grouping of 24 new designs – including 3 woodgrains,12 abstracts, 3 solids, and 6 Inspira™ Digital patterns that can be used in a variety of market segments.

Panolam FRP Info
Panolam FRP Info
The Pionite 2Be Collection
The Pionite 2Be Collection

The 2Be Collection embraces dynamic abstracts and vibrant solids offering a classic palette that allows for design flexibility to help you achieve your vision.

Pionite 2Be Color Collection

Nevamar Modern Odyssey
DSI Pionite Healthcare HPL

Panolam's Pionite HPL provides aesthetically pleasing, easy to maintain surfacing solutions that can stand up to the fast-paced, high impact conditions and sanitary requirements of doctors’ offices, hospitals, surgical suites, clinics and more.

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Panolam TFL
Panolam FRP Panolam FAQs