Pionite HPL Knot Quite Menswear

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DSI is a wholesale supplier of Pionite Knot Quite Menswear HPL Collection High Pressure laminates to fabricators in DSI Columbus, OH, and DSI Indianapolis, IN.

Pionite Knot Quite Menswear HPL Collection

Pionite High Pressure Laminates from Panolam is proud to present the Knot Quite Menswear HPL collection.

Knot Quite Menswear™ draws inspiration from the timeless textiles created by icons of the fashion industry. This collection embodies the confidence of a well-tailored suit or dress but with the playful twist of a creative bow tie or scarf. Influences range from Coco Chanel who combined comfort and practicality with beauty and elegance, to Ralph Lauren who combined subtle fabrics with bold graphic statements. Knot Quite Menswear™ is a grouping of 24 new designs – including 3 woodgrains,12 abstracts, 3 solids, and 6 Inspira™ Digital patterns that can be used in a variety of market segments.

Knot Quite Menswear HPL Colors