Thick Phenolic Laminate Surfaces

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Nevamar Laminate Logo The process for manufacturing thick phenolic surfaces follows a similar process to HPL, however, thick phenolic is composed of many layers of phenolic-impregnated kraft paper that is saturated with melamine resin and compressed under extreme heat and pressure to create a thick, durable, color-through, compact laminate.


The unmatched strength of ThickLam® makes it the preferred choice in any installation requiring a flat, freestanding, structural panel. Available in a range of thicknesses, its sturdy, phenolic core is laminated on both sides and ready for installation without the need for a substrate. ThickLam® has a proven record of performance making it ideal for lavatory and dressing room partitions, office workstations, commercial countertops and transportation vehicles. ThickLam® is manufactured to order in any Nevamar® design.

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