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Nevamar Laminate Logo TFL panels consist of a melamine-impregnated printed or solid-color décor sheet that is pressed directly onto a substrate like particleboard or medium density fiberboard (MDF). Using heat and pressure the resin from the décor layer melts and joins with the surface of the substrate to create a permanent bond. TFL panels are widely used in office furniture, closet system components, store fixtures and cabinets. It is also an appropriate specification in healthcare, hospitality, commercial and retail settings.
TFL Laminates


Panolam® is the name for the thermofused laminate surfaces commonly known as TFL. This level of quality, combined with some of the most realistic wood grains, detailed stones and rich solid colors, will make Panolam® TFL your first choice for furniture, fixtures and other products. When it comes to TFL, Panolam® is the industry standard.

Pluswood Thermally Fused Laminate Panels

panels should be used for interior applications where a decorative wear and stain resistant surface is required. Vertical uses include point-of-purchase displays, pedestals, cabinet doors, light duty store fixtures, slat wall and furniture. Horizontal uses include displays, shelving, desktops and other uses where heavy abuse is not expected and high-impact resistance is not required.

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