Pigmented Topcoat - Acrylic

And Nitrocellulose - SDS, MSDS

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M.L. Campbell pigmented topcoats have an outstanding aesthetic appeal in environmentally friendly HAPs solvent free formulas. M.L. Campbell pigmented topcoats are designed to achieve the highest levels of appearance, wear resistance and durability. Ideal for kitchen, bath or general interior use. Available in 1000+ colors.

CAB White/Opaque
A formula using a unique combination of Acrylic and CAB resins to produce the best properties of a non-yellowing finish, with excellent adhesion, fast dry, outstanding moisture resistance, ease of application and long-term durability. Can be used on wood or MDF board, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, dormitory, household, office or laboratory furniture, display fixtures and wood parts of upholstered furniture.


  • SDS CAB White/Opaque - Satin - SKU NO. - W23014
  • SDS CAB White/Opaque - Semi-Gloss - SKU NO. - W23016
  • SDS CAB White/Opaque - Gloss - SKU NO. - W23018


  • CAB White/Opaque - SKU NO. - W230 1X

  • High Build NC White/Opaque Base

    A white, nitrocellulose, solvent based coating designed to be used as a stand alone white or as a white/opaque base when tinted using M.L. Campbell Industrial Colorants. Offers good abrasion and mar resistance.

    High Build NC White/Opaque Base - SDS - MSDS MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEETS

  • SDS High Build White/Opaque Base - Satin - SKU NO. - W19714
  • SDS High Build White/Opaque Base - Gloss - SKU NO. - W19718


  • High Build White/Opaque Base - SKU NO. - W197 1X

  • Black Pigmented Lacquers

    Fine quality pigmented nitrocellulose lacquers in two popular sheens, Flat Black and Gloss Black. They are fast drying with good flow, hiding and adhesion over wood. These lacquers have many versatile job shop applications for store fixtures, window displays, trim, and designed furniture.

    H Black Pigmented Lacquers - SDS - MSDS MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEETS

  • SDS Black Pigmented Lacquers Flat Black - SKU NO. - B1532
  • SDS Black Pigmented Lacquers Gloss Black - SKU NO. - B1519

  • H Black Pigmented Lacquers - PRODUCT INFORMATION SHEETS

  • Black Pigmented Lacquers - SKU NO. - B1532

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