MagnaMax H20 Water Bourne

Pre-Cat Resin For Wood Finishers

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ML Campbell MagnaMax H20

DSI and M.L. Campbell introduce MagnaMax® H20, a pre-catalyzed water borne polyurethane that was developed to offer solvent-like performance in a shop-friendly water based formula. It’s the ideal choice for a shop that wants the appearance and durability of a solvent borne finish along with the safety and clean-up benefits of a water borne formula. MagnaMax® H20 is available in dull, satin, semi-gloss and gloss sheens.

MagnaMax H20 pre-catalyzed WB polyurethane is a single component urethane resin based wood finish that provides the look and durability of a solvent borne finish. The product passes all KCMA tests, AWI System 2, Pre-Catalyzed Lacquer System and System 8, Water Base Acrylic Cross Linking chemical and moisture resistant tests. It is ideal for use on kitchen and bathroom cabinets, dormitory, household and office furniture paneling, hardwood flooring, display fixtures and much, much more.


• Single component, pre-catalyzed polyurethane resin
• Durability and appearance of solvent borne finish
• Non-flammable, VOC compliant formula
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Great for cabinets, furniture, hardwood flooring and millwork

MAGNAMAX H2O has undergone rigorous quality testing to verify performance and application characteristics. The M.L. Campbell® laboratory has formulated this product to meet or exceed the required performance level established by AWI and KCMA for finishes. This product meets the AWI finishing standard System 11 for chemical and moisture resistance.

Before we put the MAGNAMAX® name on any product, it has to meet our high standards and yours. MAGNAMAX® H2O applies effortlessly, offers excellent durability, and delivers the warm amber appearance that enhances the wood’s natural grain. We know you’ve tried waterborne finishes before. But you’ve never tried anything like MAGNAMAX® H2O.
MagnaMax H2O PI Sheet

Question: Can MagnaMax® H20 flattened or dulled down?
Answer: Yes, MagnaMax® H20 can be flattened using ML Campbell® WB128 flattening paste. Refer to the gloss reduction chart for specific information by sheen.
Question: What is the dry to touch and dry to sand time for MagnaMax® H20?
Answer: Dry to touch is 15-20 minutes and dry to sand is 20-30 minutes at 77° F or 25°C.
Question: What is the difference between MagnaMax® H20 and AGUALENTE® PLUS?
Answer: MagnaMax® H20 imparts a slight amber tone that enhances the wood’s natural grain; similar to regular MagnaMax®. Agualente® Plus is a non-amber product that is common among traditional water based finishes.
Question: What sealer do I use with MagnaMax® H20?
Answer: Agualente® Plus Sealer is the recommended sealer for a complete water based system. 2 coats are required when applying over white oak to prevent any possible tannin reaction.
Question: Can MagnaMax® H20 be catalyzed for faster dry times and increased durability?
Answer: We are currently evaluating catalysts to for improved dry times and increased durability. We will launch a catalyst if we find one that improves these characteristics.
Question: Is MagnaMax® H20 available in a pigmented version?
Answer: R&D is currently exploring the possibility of a pigmented version and we will launch one if the technology is achievable.
Question: Can a flow additive be used in MagnaMax® H20?
Answer: Yes, WR5024 can be added to aid in flow and leveling, but dry times will be slowed, dependent upon the amount used.

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