DSI Designer Series Wood Finishes

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DSI, an M.L. Campbell Distributor, offers The DSI Designer Series Wood Finish Systems to: DSI Pittsburgh, PA, DSI Cleveland, OH, DSI Millersburg, OH, DSI Columbus, OH, DSI Cincinnati, OH, DSI Detroit, MI, DSI Louisville, KY and DSI Indianapolis, IN.

ML Campbell Designer Series

Distributor Service Inc. and M.L. Campbell have teamed up to create the DSI Designer Series of wood finishes. This collection is not just a box of colors; it’s a series of processes that generate options ranging from classic looks to today’s modern trends. You can also purchase a Designer Series sample box or sample chain to display these wood finish colors to customers. Each set contains 30 real-wood samples.

If you are a professional woodshop finishing kitchen cabinets, custom furniture, store fixtures or other commercial and residential projects, this collection of stains, finishes, paints and glazes produce pieces your customers will love. Ask your DSI finish specialist to give you an in-shop wood finish demo.

Whether your customers choose Buttermilk, Michael's Cherry or Neptune Blue, their furniture, cabinetry or other wood surface is sure to be beautiful and durable. They’ll get heirloom-quality color and a style that looks great.

The images on this page are digital reproductions. The exact appearance of your piece will be influenced by the grain and species of wood. Please view an actual wood sample to see a more representative color sample.

The Designer Series of wood finish systems were created by DSI to promote trending colors in our region and beyond.

Contact a DSI sales representative or wood finish specialist at 800-745-1778 for more information on M.L. Campbell Wood finishing and DSI's Designer Series products in Pittsburgh, PA, Columbus, OH, Cleveland, OH, Cincinnati, OH, Millersburg, OH, Detroit, MI, Indianapolis, IN and Louisville, KY.

DSI Designer Series Stains & Glazes