Agualente® PLUS Clear

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Agualente® PLUS Clear is a pre-catalyzed, low VOC, water borne clear coating for interior wood surfaces. This GREENGUARD Certified clear coating is based on advanced resin technology that mirrors its solvent-based counterpart – pre-catalyzed clear lacquer.

This proprietary technology allows Agualente® PLUS Clear to dry quickly and produces no hazardous off-gassing during cure. Agualente® PLUS Clear is available in a full range of sheens which makes it ideal for kitchen and bath cabinets, household or office furniture, display fixtures, paneling or general interior wood surfaces. Agualente® PLUS Clear passes all KCMA tests, AWI System 2, Pre-catalyzed Lacquer and System 8, Water Base Acrylic Cross Linking chemical and moisture resistance tests.

Agualente Plus Water Borne Pre-Catalyzed Clear Lacquer - SDS - MSDS MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET
  • SDS Agualente® PLUS Clear - Dull - SKU NO. C136352
  • SDS Agualente® PLUS Clear - Satin - SKU NO. C136354
  • SDS Agualente® PLUS Clear - Gloss - SKU NO. C136358

  • Agualente® PLUS Clear Product Information Sheet - SKU NO. C13635X

  • Key Features of Agualente® PLUS Clear

  • Excellent stain resistance
  • Sprays, applies and flows like a solvent base product
  • Resists yellowing
  • Easy to sand
  • Fast drying to reduce sand and recoat times
  • Formaldehyde free, low odor formulation

  • Agualente® PLUS Clear Test and Performance Characteristics

    Agualente® PLUS Clear has undergone rigorous quality testing to verify performance and application characteristics. The M.L. Campbell® laboratory has formulated Agualente® PLUS to meet or exceed the required performance level established by KCMA for finishes. Agualente® PLUS has been tested utilizing the following ASTM and KCMA test methods: 5 = Excellent, 4 = Very Good, 3 = Good, 2 = Fair, 1 = Poor.


  • Print Resistance-Very Good
  • Hot and Cold Check Resistance-Excellent
  • Cross Hatch-Excellent
  • Blocking Very-Good
  • Wet Heat Resistance-Excellent
  • Edge Soak-Excellent

  • Chemical Resistance Evaluation

    Purpose: Test the ability of the finish to withstand substances typically found in kitchens and bathrooms. Agualente® PLUS Clear exceeds AWI specifications for System 2 pre-catalyzed lacquer and System 8 water-based acrylic cross-linking chemical resistance. Contact and dry time of each chemical is in accordance to AWI and KCMA test procedures.


  • Vinegar-Excellent
  • Lemon Juice-Excellent
  • Orange Juice -Excellent
  • Grape Juice-Excellent
  • Ketchup-Excellent
  • Coffee-Very Good
  • Olive Oil-Excellent
  • Boiling Water-Excellent
  • Cold Water-Excellent
  • Nail Polish Remover-Very Good
  • Household Ammonia-Good
  • VM&P Naphtha Excellent
  • Isopropyl Alcohol-Excellent
  • Wine -Excellent
  • Windex-Excellent
  • 409 Cleaner-Excellent
  • Lysol-Excellent
  • 33% Sulfuric Acid-Very Good
  • 77% Sulfuric Acid-Fair
  • 28% Ammonium Hydroxide-Good
  • Gasoline -Excellent
  • Murphy's Oil Soap-Excellent
  • Vodka 100 Proof-Excellent
  • 1% Detergent -Excellent
  • 10% TSP-Excellent
  • Ethanol/ Water-Excellent
  • Mustard-Excellent

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