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DSI Formica 180 FX Laminate

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The Formica® Brand SurfaceSet® 2018 HPL Laminate collection is ideal for interior design applications ranging from restaurants to retail, hotels to healthcare, and education environments to office spaces. See the entire selection of new high pressure laminate colors, HPL woodgrains and patters. So, what's new? How about solid color laminates like Winter Sky and Matrix Blue? Also, check out Tinted Paper Terrazzo & Tonal Paper Terrazzo made with 30% reclaimed material.

Plus, there are plenty of new HPL Laminate patterns to pick from including Bubble Science, Paint Scrape Steel and Paint Scrape Sky. And, what would the new SurfaceSet Collection be without woodgrain patterns like Waxed Maple and Fox Teakwood?

If you an interior designer or architect looking for something fresh for your next project? Request a Sample of Formica® Brand's exciting new laminate designs.

Contact a DSI sales representative at 800-745-1778 for pricing on Formica® Brand SurfaceSet® 2018 Laminate Products.

SurfaceSet® HPL Solid Colors