Formica® 2021 Specialty Collection

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DSI Formica Specialty Collection Laminate

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The 2021 Formica® Specialty Collection has arrived. Within it you’ll find a trove of unique surfacing choices that will help you drive innovative design concepts across the commercial spectrum, from healthcare and hospitality spaces to corporate, retail and educational settings. Explore the broad palette of fresh woodgrains, trend-worthy metals

The Formica® Woodgrain Collection: This expanded collection features 16 new offerings that span neutral colors and Scandinavian-inspired light tones to create a comprehensive selection of woodgrains. You’ll also find casual, unique patterns in addition to familiar woodgrains in ash, elm, cherry, oak and walnut shades.

The DecoMetal® Laminates Collection: A baker’s dozen of cutting-edge new metallics? Yes, please! These ingenuous solid metal and metal laminate surfaces bring unexpected glamour and sheen to interior designs. Modern printed solid metals with full-sheet drama complete this gallery of looks that also includes the Polished, Brushed, Stainless and Veil series.

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New Woodgrain HPL Options

More neutrals. New light, Scandinavian-inspired woodgrains. Fresh options in ash, elm, cherry, oak and walnut shades. With 16 new wood-inspired visuals, the 2021 Formica® Woodgrain Collection is your go-to palette for commercial design that seeks warmth and familiarity along with durable, easily cleaned surfaces.

Formica DecoMetal® Options

The 2021 additions to the DecoMetal® Metal Laminates Collection include on-trend warm tones in brass, copper, light gold and black. These new options include five artistically printed solid metals available in full sheets for maximum visual impact. They complement eight metal laminates in highly usable finishes. DecoMetal® Laminates are ideal for pushing the design boundaries of vertical applications that call for a hint of pizzazz.