Formica® IdealEdge Profiles

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DSI Formica 180 FX Laminate

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Formica® Brand's IdealEdge laminate edging technology allows for a virtually seamless profiles on kitchen countertops, kitchen islands and worktables. Formica's ogee or bullnose profile eliminates the brown line often seen when a laminate top intersects the edgebanding on the side of a substrate. When paired with Formica 180fx granite laminate, IdealEdge rounds out the profile and gives the appearance of a solid slab of granite or quartz for a fraction of the cost.

• Say goodbye to 'brown lines' forever
• Achieve a finished edge on all sides
• Great for countertops, islands and work tables
• Suitable for curved, clipped or 90-degree edges
• Customize to any design specification
• Select from the full range of Formica® Brand colors and patterns
•Two edge profiles to choose from; Bullnose and Ogee

Contact a DSI sales representative at 800-745-1778 for pricing on Formica® IdealEdge Laminate Profiles.

Formica® Ogee & Bullnose Edges

IdealEdge Bullnose

Bullnose Edge

Curved at the top and bottom for a smooth molded look, Formica's Bullnose Edge flatters every Formica® Brand laminate design from stone and granite looks to woodgrains and contemporary abstract patterns.

IdealEdge Bullnose
IdealEdge Ogee

Ogee Edge

A shapely sculpted edge with a decorative look, our Ogee Edge is especially well suited to stone, granite and woodgrain patterns, giving countertops and tables the same elegant finish as more expensive materials.

IdealEdge Ogee