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Formica Brand Compact HPL

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Formica Brand Comapct HPL

Bitten by the bug of trendy new reality cable shows where contestants forge their own sharp-edged metal tools, Ray Franke constructed a metal forge and designed his own belt grinder to sharpen his fire-crafted implements. Instead of using traditional sheet metal to construct his machine, Franke turned to an unconventional material, Formica® Brand Compact.

Formica® Brand Compact structural, two-sided laminate isn’t just for trendy decoration. It can also be put to use as a durable, material that has some of the properties of steel while still being workable with tools commonly found in an average woodshop.

Franke, an experienced woodworker with more than 40 years in and around the industry, recently used Formica® Brand Compact to construct the 2” x 72” belt grinder for his shop. He used common carbide tipped tools to work the material and fabricate a machine of his own design.

Due to the fact that Compact stands up to heat and humidity, not only can he use the grinder in everyday woodworking projects, he can also utilize it in metalworking projects where grinding can produce higher temperatures.

Franke chose Formica® Brand Fog 961 as his base material. This versatile laminate comes in a variety of thicknesses up to one inch. It is extremely strong and allows a fabricator to drill holes that accept machine screws.

“The belt grinder is powered by a 2 horse power motor,” Franke said. “And, the main drive wheel is constructed of three layers of Formica compact that are glued and bolted together. It works flawlessly—that’s how tough this stuff is.”

Because it can be worked with typical woodworking tools, He believes that Formica Compact can be put to use in unconventional ways in all kinds of professional shops. “One shop I know uses it for jigs and templates for cutting patterns,” Franke said. “ Another guy I know uses it for tabletop machine surfaces.”

If a user combines Formica Compact with Chemtop®2, they get a chemically resistant surface that is ideal for work surfaces such as laboratory counters, furniture, fixtures and more. In a conventional mode, the material is excellent for commercial, institutional and hospitality settings. With Formica Compact, your imagination is the only limit to its uses.

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