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Whether you need edgebanding for your high pressure laminate project or for a TFL melamine job, DSI delivers edge bands from Rehau®. Looking to match Formica Brand or Nevamar patterns? DSI's edgeband experts will match your projects with thousands of colors and multiple formulations in industry standard sizes. We've got edge banding in PVC and polyester as well as natural wood and granite. Plus, we can provide T-moulding and bullnose bevel edges for professional millwork and cabinetry.

DSI distributes edge bands from all the industry leaders. Contact a DSI sales representative to buy yours today at 800-745-1778.

PVC, Poly, Solid Color And Natural Edgebands

   REHAU Thin Edgebanding REHAU Thin Edgebanding

Finding the perfect thin edgeband for your project has never been easier. Select from Rehau's extensive range of off-the-shelf matches to hundreds of laminates. Also, their color technicians can reproduce almost any color and print while matching the structure, form and appearance of the edgeband.

• Full range of solid, woodgrain and patterns
• Thicknesses ranging from .018” to .030”
• Widths ranging from 5/8” to 3”
• PP for soft forming applications

Semi-Rigid Edgeband REHAU FLEX: Semi-Rigid Edgeband

A durable and impact resistant semi-rigid edgeband, REHAU FlexEdge® handles a radius as small as 12 mm without extra pressure or excess adhesive. The flexible 3 mm material trims easily and is ideal for use with contour edgebanders.

• Softer material makes handling and trimming easier
• Colors and prints matched to most popular HPLs
• Lacquered for maximum protection and gloss control
• Superior machinability for easier processing
• Thicknesses ranging from 2 to 3 mm
• Widths ranging from 15/16" to 1-5/16"

REHAU Thick Ridgid Edge Bands REHAU Thick Ridgid Edge Bands

If you have high traffic areas which require increased edge thickness for more durability and impact resistance, rigid SpectaEdge® is the edgeband for you.

• Available in a wide range of colors and patterns matched to all popular high-pressure and TFM surfaces
• Lacquered for maximum protection and gloss control
• Concave back surface allows for maximum adhesion with minimal glue lines
• Superior machinability for easier processing

   REHAU Thin Edgebanding REHAU Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) is chlorine free both during manufacturing and in the final product. Unlike PVC, ABS may be incinerated with general waste, is lighter in weight and highly heat resistant.

REHAU Polypropylene (PP).
PP is fully recyclable, odorless, physiologically harmless and burns as clean as a candle. Beyond its general environmental friendliness, PP offers enhanced chemical and heat resistance, greater flexibility and a wider scope of processing possibilities than other polymers. PP has Excellent UV stability.


Innovative laser and hot air technology creates a seamless, adhesive-free finish.

LaserEdge Visual
• Creates a stunning look using the latest technology
• Allows for a monolithic panel at a much lower price
• Enhancing leading industry trends without framing
• No glue joint to collect dirt, chip away or yellow

LaserEdge Qiality
• Creates a stunning look using the latest technology
• Allows for a monolithic panel at a much lower price
• Enhancing leading industry trends without framing
• No glue joint to collect dirt, chip away or yellow


Using two different lacquer types, REHAU has created the illusion of 3D. With excellent processing capabilities, Magic 3D can handle tight radii, trim easily and be polished or beveled without damage.

• Excellent processing capabilities
• Applies easily around corners
• Polishes easily and maintains a consistent decor
• Completely closes the surface between edge & board
• Available in 2 mm thickness
• Available in 23, 45 and 54 mm widths


Every counter and shelf base is transformed into a unique gem with Lite-edge translucent edgeband, providing cozy, indirect lighting.

A 2 mm cavity is routed into a 38 or 50 mm thick board allowing for an LED strip to be inserted. A minimum 8 mm surface layer is required on each side for adhesive bonding, then the edgeband (with translucent central section) is applied to the board.

When the LEDs are switched on, light is transmitted through the translucent areas of the edgeband. The application can also be adapted to suit honeycomb boards.


REHAU has developed a range of metallic edgebands using actual metal. Their unique, proprietary process combines metals and polymers to achieve a true metallic look without the processing difficulties of traditional metal banding.

LaserEdge Visual
• Aluminum or stainless steel finish applied to a PP (polypropylene) base
• Look and feel of traditional metal banding
• Easily applied with standard edgeband equipment
• Available in 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5 mm thickness
• Available in 23, 43, 45 and 54 mm widths



REHAU flat T-molding is one of the most durable products in the marketplace for those projects that demand a more substantial edging solution.

• Provides a tight seamless fit to the edge of the panel
• Easily a tighter radius than non-pretension profiles
• Available in plain or printed finishes
• No discoloring or color variance when machined


REHAU's creative yet functional bullnose T-moldings are available in many profiles, textures and prints to add accents to your designs.

• Provides a tight seamless fit to the edge of the panel
• Manages a tighter radius than pothern profiles
• Moldings will not blanch or discolor
• Moldings will stay flexible in colder environments