Avonite Wet Wall Panel Systems

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Avonite Wet Walls

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The Avonite® Wet Wall panel system is the perfect choice for cost-effective showers, wet rooms, and other wet wall applications. Our 100% Acrylic solid surface panel system keeps water in and gives pathogens no place to grow. Whether you need to make the whole room water-protected or are installing traditional shower or stall units, using our panels and optional components are the perfect choice.

Avonite® seamless Wet Wall panels can be easily Right-Sized to your project's specific needs. The exclusive feature of our wet wall system are seamless wall panels that reach corner to corner without battens or joints. Choosing tile or another solid surface product makes little-to-no sense. These single piece wall panels install quickly and easily while saving maintenance dollars for years to come.

The Wet Wall Panel system was developed for commercial projects - Minimum Order Quantities apply.

Avonite Wet Wall Panels

Avonite's standard wet wall panels are available Wet Wall Sizing: ¼”: 36”x96”, 48”x96”, 60”x96 .
Call DSI at 800-745-1778 for minimum order quantities and availability.