DSI Avonite® Solid Surface Products

DSI distributes Avonite Solid Surfaces to customers in DSI Pittsburgh, PA, DSI Cleveland, OH, DSI Millersburg, OH, DSI Columbus, OH, DSI Cincinnati, OH, DSI Detroit, MI, DSI Louisville, KY and DSI Indianapolis, IN.

DSI Avonite Acrylic Solid surfaces

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Avonite Solid Surfaces
Avonite Surfaces brand of solid surface sheets provide the quality, cost-conscious and high-end aesthetic solutions sought by commercial architects, interior designers and homeowners everywhere for projects and applications across multiple industries. The Avonite Surfaces product line has a long standing reputation for innovation, and continues to offer the broadest and most beautiful selection of solid surface designs available on the market today.

The Avonite Acrylic Solid Surface portfolio includes of a variety designs and colors to fit every project. It can be used in vertical or horizontal applications, can be applied in straight or curved lines, and is thermoformable into a myriad of shapes.

• Avonite Surfaces allow for time and cost savings on installation
• New polymers provide formable, repairable, and seamable surfaces
• Alternative to higher-cost surfaces like concrete, glass & other resins
• Designs with movement, texture and ultra-translucency
• Breakthrough veined translucency and 3-dimensional aesthetics
• Highly functional, durable, and meets highest standards of hygiene
Avonite White Sale
White Solid Surface Pricing

Contact a DSI sales representative at 800-745-1778 for pricing on Avonite Solid Surface Products in DSI Pittsburgh, DSI Cleveland, DSI Millersburg, DSI Columbus, DSI Cincinnati, DSI Detroit, DSI Louisville and DSI Indianapolis

DSI Avonite Solid Surface Selections

Avonite New Colors
New Solid Surface Color Collection

Avonite Solid Surfaces introduces a new, vibrant color palette for 2018. These new Avonite Surfaces consist of a variety of designs and colors to fit every project.

Exciting New Color Collection
Avonite Solid Colors
Foundation Acrylic Solid Surface Colors

Avonite "Fundamentals" selections are solid colors in 100% acrylic that feature value pricing and custom sizes.

Clean Color Fundamentals
Avonite Designer Colors
Foundation Acrylic Solid Colors

Avonite Designer selections are solids and patterns in 100% acrylic that feature a wide range of choices and sizes.

Foundation Solid Colors
Avonite Studio Colection
NEW Avonite Studio Collection

Check out the 12 NEW Colors in the studio Collection. The line is inspired by glass, natural stone and precious metals.

Studio Colors & Patterns
Avonite Wet Walls
Avonite Acrylic Wet Walls

Avonite's Wet Wall panel system is perfect for cost-effective showers, wet rooms, and other wet wall applications.

Avonite Wet Walls
Avonite Sinks and Bowls
Avonite Sinks & Bowls

Avonite offers durable, sinks and bowls in the most popular shapes and sizes to compliment your commercial project.

Avonite Sinks/Bowls

The Avonite Surfaces Studio Collection is a specialty material unmatched in depth, clarity, and color-fueled design options. Made from a proprietary resin blend, this product is unique from other surface products for its luminous and 3-dimensional characteristics. But it still has the properties of solid surface: it’s thermoformable, durable, safe, and repairable.

Shower Systems & Wet Walls by Avonite give you the perfect solution for your bathroom design projects. When you choose our highly customizable shower bases paired with our Wet Wall panel system, you get the flexibility and performance you expect from Avonite.

Avonite provides sinks and bowls with the nicest finish in the business, that are flat and true, and ready to install with locator marks. Avonite makes fabricators’ jobs easier with contemporary designs, commercial and universal designs, as well as help with recommended router bit information, DXF cutout information, and location for ADA design help.

Avonite is used for everything from the traditional kitchen countertops to retail displays, hospital bathrooms, military showers and much, much more. Avonite’s trend-setting polyester and acrylic-based designs and colors, coupled with peerless quality, durability and performance, continue to separate Avonite Surfaces from other solid surface manufacturers.