Avonite Sinks and Bowls

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Avonite Sinks and Bowls

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DSI distributes several types of Avonite Solid Surface modern vanity sinks and bowls for commercial, and residential applications including the Avonite VS-1815 SINK BOWL, the VS-2016 SINK BOWL and the VS-1914 SINK BOWL and more.

Avonite VS-1815 SINK BOWL Avonite VS-1815 SINK BOWL
Avonite’s simple VS-1815 sink bowl has universal appeal for all vanities. Its depth, splash-resistance and ease of maintenance are a few of the characteristics that have made this bowl very popular in many larger commercial applications. VS-1815 Drawing
Avonite VS-2016 SINK BOWL VS-2016 SINK BOWL The VS-2016 has all the practical advantages of a solid surface sink - durability, ease of maintenance & seamless rim. For a Master bathroom or for higher end hospitality projects, the VS-2016 is the preferred choice. VS-2016 Drawing
Avonite VS-1914 SINK BOWL VS-1914 SINK BOWL The rectangular VS-1914 combines advantages of a solid surface sink - durability, ease of maintenance, seamless rim - with the modern shape and styling of a more angular design. For a modern master bathroom or for higher end hospitality projects. VS-1914 Drawing
Avonite BS2414 Baby Bath Avonite BS2414 Baby Bath

The solid surface is sanitary, easy to clean, non-porous, and stain resistant. The Avonite BS2414 Baby Bath contoured bottom is designed to help keep the baby in place while being bathed.

BS2414 Drawing
Avonite-Deep-Kitchen-Sink KS1818 Deep Kitchen Sink

The KS1818 Deep Kitchen Sink sink works well in laboratories and clinical applications in addition to residential applications. Solid surface has excellent wear and chemical resistant properties.

KS1818 Drawing
KS2618 Deep Kitchen Sink KS2618 Deep Kitchen Sink

The KS2618 Deep Kitchen Sink is one of the deepest solid surface sinks in the industry providing a deep seamless kitchen, utility, or laboratory sink which will allow hand washing up to the elbows.

KS2618 Drawing
KS2918 Universal Sink KS2918 Universal Sink

The Avonite KS2918 Universal Design Single Bowl Sink is for company break rooms or kitchens that need a Universally Designed sink. The KS2918 sink fits well in a 30″ cabinet and is ideal for space saving.

KS2918 Drawing
KS3118 Universal Double Sink KS3118 Universal Double Sink

The Avonite KS3118 Universal Design Double Bowl Sink is for kitchens and ADA applications. This sink fits well in a 36″ cabinet and can be used in any home or office break room kitchen where ADA compliance is required.

KS3118 Drawing
VS1513 Laboratory Sink VS1513 Laboratory Sink

The Avonite VS1513 Single Bowl Laboratory Sink provides a seamless under mount sink for medical/dental clinics where infection control is important. The VS1513 provides a quality upscale look at an affordable price.

VS1513 Drawing

VS1515 Universal Round Lavatory VS1515 Universal Round Lavatory

The Avonite VS1515 is ideal for all applications including residential, clinical, commercial, restaurants and laboratories. The depth of the bowl allows for ADA applications even for 17″ deep countertops, which most bowls cannot accommodate.

VS1515 Drawing