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Wood Veneers & Edgebanding

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Architectural panels

Roseburg Forest Products DSI provides professional woodworkers and architectural and interior designers with architectural panels made with quality wood veneers and top-of-the-line substrates to ensure superior bonding. These custom-made architectural panels can be made with sequenced matched wood veneers in sizes up to 5’ x 12’. Also, architectural designers can select from a variety of WOW Wood-over-wood veneers decorative surfacing that are available in more than 40 species including Maple, Cherry, Oak, Teak and many exotic hardwoods such as rosewood and zebrawood.

Contact a DSI sales representative at 800-745-1778 for pricing on Specialty Architectural Panels and Hardwood Veneers.

Architectural Plywood & Wood Veneer

Custom Architectural Panels

Designers looking to specify a book matched unique wood veneer and fabricators seeking sequence matched architectural plywood can get custom sized panels up to 5’ x 12’ (or 12’ x 5’ long crossgrain).

Features of Custom Plywood Panels

• No minimum run quantities
• Substrates: Particleboard, MDF & Veneer Core
• Panel dimensions up to 5’ x 12’
• Custom thicknesses available

Just a Sample of Available Veneer Species
• Anigre, Fig. & Plain
• Ash White
• Beech, Steamed
• Bubinga/Kewazinga
• Butternut
• Chestnut, Wormy
• Cypress
• Elm, Grey
• Koa, Hawaiian & Red
• Mahogany, African
• Oak, English Brown
• Pine, Plain & Knotty
• Purpleheart
• Rosewood, Tulip
• Teak
• Elm, Carpathian
• Walnut

All of Flexible Materials Custom Architectural Panels are assembled in Jeffersonville, Indiana

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Flexwood Veneer Sheets
Select wood veneers are permanently bonded under heat and pressure to a resin saturated backer sheet. This backer allows flexibility and acts as a barrier to prevent adhesives and finishes from penetrating. Flexwood is book matched and sheet matched. Sequence matching and other types of matches are available by quotation.

Flexwood is available with a variety of different backers, including 10 mil, 20 mil, and 30 mil. Flexwood is stocked with a 10 mil backer , the product of choice for most fabricators.

Wood Over Wood Laminate (WOW)

Wood Over Wood laminate is composed of two wood veneer faces permanently bonded with the grain of the face running perpendicular to the grain of the back. The result is dimensionally stable product which minimizes the wood veneer’s tendency to expand and contract across the grain. In addition, this unique cross-ply construction enables the product to be rolled and shipped in four foot tall boxes.

WOW is 100% surface sanded and is immediately available from stock in 4' x 8', 4' x 10', 5' x 8', and 5' x 10' sheets of selected species. DSI also has more than 40 additional species available on a quotation basis. Please contact a sales person at 800-745-1778 for more information on Flexwood Wood Over Wood laminate.

Application Instructions

  DuraGard Premium & General Purpose MDO

Woodtrim Edgebanding
Woodtrim edgebanding is available with a variety of backers and a virtually endless combination of different widths, species and thicknesses. Fleece backed Woodtrim is the most universally used and most cost efficient wood edgebanding. This is the standard wood edgebanding used on automatic edgebanders.

Fleece backed Woodtrim ® is also available Pre-Glued (with a hot melt glue applied to the backer) for use on a tabletop edgebander or applied by hand with an iron. Flexible Materials maintains an extensive inventory of Fleece backed and Fleece backed Pre-Glued Woodtrim for immediate shipment.

Flexible Materials Proflex Profile Wrapping

Proflex® is an entire family of profile wrapping grade wood veneers. Wrapping wood around a profile is not a "natural" thing to do, but through years of research and investment in the right equipment, Flexible Materials offers you less cracking.

Available Woodtrim Species