Prism TFL Textures (Flakeboard Melamine)

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Prism TFL Textures

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Prism TFL panels are produced in nine distinct textures to enhance your design selection. Click the image for a larger, high resolution picture of the Arauco Prism TFL texture. ARAUCO Particleboard panels are manufactured using 100% recycled and recovered Southern Yellow Pine fiber.

DSI always stocks more than 60 Thermally Fused Laminate TFL Melamine colors and patterns. This means your TFL is shipped to your shop quickly. Arauco PRISM TFL Melamine is ideal for vertical applications or low impact horizontal uses. One of the best features of thermally fused laminate colored melamine panels is that fabricators know how to work with the material.

• More than 60+ Colors in stock
• Excellent machinability
• Patterns on both sides
• Vertical & Horizontal grades

Contact DSI at 800-745-1778 for Arauco Prism Flakeboard TFL Melamine Panels in DSI Pittsburgh, DSI Cleveland, DSI Millersburg, DSI Columbus, DSI Cincinnati, DSI Detroit, DSI Louisville and DSI Indianapolis.

Arauco Prism TFL Textures Swatches